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guys, you like when i locate my posts or not ?

  1 year ago    26 notes    need to know  

  1. djjem answered: yes
  2. iamiknowilove answered: oui, bien sur!
  3. y-y-a answered: of course!
  4. maeve69 answered: yes
  5. escapefrom-realityy said: I love it c:
  6. nradulovic answered: I like pretty pictures, no matter who it is posted.
  7. nadina007 answered: Yes! Please do :) Love your blog btw!! <3
  8. some-things-justmake-sense answered: Yeah!!! I love your posts and it’s nice to know where you be!
  9. 007artislife answered: yes I it when you do it like that.
  10. kokopu answered: I like it
  11. fresh-06 answered: yes
  12. danytargarayen said: Yes!!! :-)
  13. niacanialla answered: yes =)
  14. bjornwilde answered: I’d love it if for no other reason that to prend I might get there some day.
  15. inlackoffewerwords answered: LIKE
  16. earthual answered: yes:)
  17. avarrya answered: yes
  18. andy-watt said: Yes! Please keep it up :)
  19. lajefadelasjefas answered: Yes I do
  20. thetrifleabyss answered: Yes. I’m always curious.
  21. the-lonely-other answered: what does that even mean
  22. travelthisworld answered: um, I do so when I reblog I know how to tag it lol but I understand how it’s a pain
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