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Q: I'm from Dominica, it's such an amazing place I hope your really enjoying it. I'm going there in August!! I'm so excited!

I’M IN LOVE !!!!! Such a wonderful island and people are so nice here :)

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Guys, dominica (Commonwealth of dominica) is AMAZIIIIING!!!!
Im going to the beach in a few hours. Hope everyone have a good day :)

ok so i’m going to dominica tomorrow and i’ll be back May 3rd. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to put some stuff on queue. I’ll try to log on via a cyber-café and hopefully share some pictures from Dominica with you guys. 

See you in May <3 

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Q: Do you mean the Commonwealth of Dominica, the country between Guadeloupe and Martinique? If you why are you going there?

Oh just to visit and speak english a little bit more

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Tomorrow… Dominica :D

Q: post a selfie bby

Bby? :O
I posted one yesterday

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I remember when some guys sent me nudes and i didnt ask anything
Jesus christ…